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A Brief Look At The History Of Balustrades

A Brief Look At The History Of Balustrades

A baluster, also known as a spindle, is a long elongated piece of column that is used in the construction of an adjoined fence-like structure. A collection of balusters is known as a balustrade, which is used as a railing for various types of constructions such as bridges, staircases and even on balconies. Balustrades are used as a means to create support and provide stability to a structure. Balustrades are a common staple of modern architecture and can also be designed in such a way that it serves as a piece of décor. However, Balustrades have been in use for a long time now and have their own place in history.The name is considered to have origins of Italian, French, Latin and Greek. It was supposedly derived from a word that describes a pomegranate flower. The designs of balustrades from that era are said to have resembled the pomegranate flower, hence the name.

The balustrade had taken inspirations from the designs of woodwork and ceramic structures of the time. It bears a resemblance to a potter’s wheel.Balustrades were said to have been found in ancient Assyrian structures. Surprisingly, they were not common among the Romans and Greeks at the time, although designs similar to balusters were used in the construction of their chairs. By the early stages of the Renaissance, balustrades had become commonplace in balconies among places such as Venice and other Italian cities. By the late eighteenth century, balustrades had found their footing in the world and made their way into various different types of structures all over the globe.The use of balustrades is quite common in today’s world and we are likely to see at least one every day in our daily lives. It is a popular element when it comes to interior design because of the various different styles available. It’s usually useful for houses that have a staircase, multiple floors and even on terraces. The balustrades that accompany a staircase are also referred to as bannisters and the ones on terraces are called balcony balustrades Sydney.

It’s also commonly used as the railing on bridges that are built for pedestrians and public use.It can act as a safeguard or a fence of sorts and is also used in swimming pools as well. A glass balustrade is used for safety measures in a swimming pool. It has the same function of a regular balustrade and the glass makes for an interesting style of décor.As our technology and trends tend to evolve over time, the different styles of balustrades have also been growing at a steady rate. There’s many different types of materials and designs used in the construction of balustrades in the modern world. Check this website to find out more details.

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